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BestMilk LA Talks Nursing Strikes!

Nursing Strikes happen to the best of us, but how are we supposed to get back on track? Our friend and IBCLC Rebecca at Best Milk LA tackles this common problem in our latest blog post.

Click on the link below to get all of her tips!

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Dr. Peter Borden, MD Sports and Spine Orthopedics

“We bought our first Nook mattress for our daughter who has allergies, but it turned out to be the most comfortable and healthy mattress in our house.  We have since bought four more for everyone else in the family and we all swear by it.  It is great to know that we are sleeping on a product that is good for us and feels great too.” 

Dr. Patricia Bast, Pediatric Physician

“The single most important piece of furniture in your baby’s nursery is the mattress your child will sleep on. It is critical to choose a mattress that is breathable and made of natural materials so it won’t release toxic fumes for your newborn to inhale. This is why the only mattress my children will sleep on are Nook Sleep mattresses. Mattresses so innovative that the mattress core and cover work together harmoniously to ensure your baby stays cool and breathes fresh air all night long.”
Preventing SIDS

Nook helps prevent SIDS Every day.

Founded by moms, Nook knows the importance of reducing the risk of SIDS. That's why every crib mattress is safe, breathable and uses the best materials for your baby. But it doesn't stop there. We also give a portion of each purchase to research for eliminating the risk of SIDS.


Safe, Healthy, Hypoallergenic.

The natural fire-retardants and microbe-resistant fibers used throughout our products will protect and comfort your child without compromising their health. The fibers are then infused with all-natural zinc to resist microbes, mites, fungi and mold.

All Natural

From Mother Earth to your Home. 

Synthetic materials, chemical sprays and nasty microbes have no place in a child's room. Nook's definition of organic is from the earth. When organic isn't an option, we use the healthiest, safest, most natural materials possible—from rubber trees to cotton to coconut coir to wool.


Non-Toxic from start to finish.

Our process is non-toxic and healthy – from our hand-picked materials to safe manufacturing processes to sustainable packaging options. Your home and family are safe with Nook.