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Nook Sleep Systems Mini Crib Mattress Pebble Pure Mini Cloud

Introducing the Mini Pure Crib Mattress!

Mini in Size but not in Quality….

Introducing the Mini Pebble Pure Mattress. 100% Organic, Natural and Breathable just like its Big Sis, only on a smaller scale.

We often get requests to make custom sized or dimensioned mattresses for Nook babies, and time and time again we found ourselves creating mini mattresses. So, we thought why not offer this ALL the time. Whether you are a city-living mom and dad with limited square footage in your home, a grandparent that wants a similar sleep space for when your precious grandbabies come to visit, or a parent that would prefer a mini crib over a bassinet or co-sleeper for a few more months of baby in your room, the Mini Pebble Pure is the perfect option.

The Mini Pebble Pure is a smaller version of our Award-Winning Pebble Pure Crib Mattress—Natural, Oxygen Enriched, Organic and Luxurious. Like all of Nook's products, the Pebble Pure Mini’s organic elements aren’t just in the core, they’re right where it matters most—next to your baby’s delicate skin. However, there are a few small differences to note. The Mini Pure is strictly Coconut Coir (husk of the coconut) and Natural Wool and does not have any latex in it. It's a wonderful mattress from baby's first day at home to about 6-8 months of your sweet baby's life, so we omitted the use of Latex in the Mini Pure because it’s not necessary for this mattress to be dual-sided.

The Mini Pebble Pure Crib Mattress is available and in stock in Cloud (aka Nook’s bright white) but if you have a love affair with one of our other 10 colors, we'd love to create that for you too! For more info on custom products please take a look at some of our favorite custom pieces here and either email us at info@nooksleep.com or call us at 310-417-8220 (yes, a real live person will answer the phone!)

We can’t wait to see and hear about your little one's Mini Pure Sleep experiences! Please be sure to tag Nook on our social pages or send us photos at info@nooksleep.

Happy Sleeping!