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Introducing Pebble Air Crib Mattress Infant Toddler Non Toxic Nook Sleep Systems

Introducing: The Pebble Air, Nook’s New Featherweight Baby Mattress

If you’ve spent any time checking out Nook’s digital world lately, you’re sure to have noticed BIG changes. New website. New photos. New colors. And while we’re all about changing our industry for the better, one thing we won’t change is the quality of our products. In fact, we’ve decided to step our game up to the next level with our newest mattress in the Nook family, the Pebble Air.

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Here at Nook we love giving you the absolute best products made from the safest and highest quality materials on the market. The Pebble Air is no exception. With 10-12 diaper changes per day and feedings every two hours - likely on minimal sleep - the Pebble Air is an easy and worry-free choice. From its organic moisture wicking Pebble Wrap, to its dual-sided healthy and breathable interior, your little one is safe from toxic chemicals and you are safe from complicated cleanups!

The Pebble Air has the same self-wicking Pebble Wrap organic cover as our other crib mattresses, sure to keep your baby cool, dry, safe… and asleep. The wrap’s hypoallergenic zinc coating is also anti-mite, anti-mold and anti-fungal and stain/liquid resistant. Air channels throughout the four-inch Certi-Pur foam core are strategically located in the center of the mattress to maximize oxygen and airflow around your sleeping tot. It’s also dual-sided to extend your use and add value to your purchase. One side is for newborns who developmentally benefit from a firmer surface, while the other side is a bit softer to provide comfort for growing toddlers.

Starting to feel more at ease about leaving your angel to dream alone in their crib at night? Perfect! That’s what we’re aiming for.  

Peb Air Cutout

Beautifully & Thoughtfully Made 

When you walk down most baby aisles, everything safe and non-toxic typically looks pretty darn boring and sterile. Fortunately, we don’t believe that non-toxic has to look dull or come in fifty shades of white. We want healthy to be beautiful, too. So the Pebble Air comes in three attractive soft colors to let you add some designer snap to your nursery. 

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Light as a Feather

“Okay, great. It’s super safe and it’ll look great in my nursery, but what makes it any different from your other mattresses?”

So glad you asked. The Pebble Air core weighs only seven pounds. That’s right - your baby could very well weigh more than his mattress! At seven pounds it’s one of the lightest crib mattresses in the market. You can ship it straight to your front door, let it fluff for a few hours and then put it in the crib without needing help from anyone. The Pebble Air arrives compressed and rolled in a 10.25x32 eco-friendly cardboard box, so no matter who you are - Smart Car driver or seventh floor loft dweller - getting your mattress to its crib will never be a problem.

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Today’s complexities demand greater simplicity.

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Value and Affordability

We’ve saved the best difference for last - the Pebble Air is priced at $195! It is the most affordable mattress in the Nook Family. The team at Nook has worked hard to ensure you never have to sacrifice safety and quality for affordability.

Case in point: you don’t need sheets, and you probably won’t want them once you feel the softness of the Pebble! We’ve eliminated the risk of loose material near your sleeping baby’s face by making the Pebble Wrap fit snug to the mattress and we even added a zipper for easy removal. The Pebble Wrap is made of eucalyptus and organic cotton. Toss it in the wash on the gentle cycle for quick cleaning - and don’t worry, it won’t fade! Our water-based dye keeps the Pebble Wrap safe and beautiful for many washes to come.

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