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Nook Sleep Baby Shower Picks

Nook Picks: Baby Shower Edition

So you’re invited to a baby shower! There’s so much to be excited about when your friend or loved one is about to have a baby, but there’s equally as much to choose from. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by registries and wonder what mom really needs. In our debut edition of Nook Picks, we looked back at our own baby showers and hand picked some of the baby shower gifts we used and loved. Believe us, we’re in the baby industry and we know how many baby products there are out there, but not all of them are necessary. Hopefully this list will help you out whether you’re hosting or attending a baby shower or putting together your own registry!

Use a Registry

First things first, put together your registry. There are plenty of baby stores that have their own registries, but not all of the products you want are available through their specific registry. Check out BabyList. It’s kind of like the Pinterest of baby registries. It’s a fantastic site that does an awesome job of keeping all of your registry items organized and in one spot. It’s a win-win for you and your gift givers!

Crib Mattress

It’s no surprise this is on our list, but we believe every baby deserves the best crib mattress for a peaceful night sleep. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a healthy, safe, breathable crib mattress. Nook’s Pebble Air crib mattress fits the bill and while $195 may be a little on the higher side for a baby shower gift, it makes a great gift from grandma, sister or even a joint gift from girlfriends.

Start a Meal Train

The last thing a new mom wants to think about is figuring out three meals a day when they’re also trying to learn how to keep a tiny human alive. Trust us, spearhead a meal sign up and you’ll quickly become your pregnant friend’s dream come true! There are a few great sites out there you can use like Meal Train, Take Them a Meal and Food Tidings.


Need we say more? We have yet to meet a new parent who refuses diapers. Forgot to get a gift or there’s nothing left on the registry? Diapers are a failsafe every parent will love. If you’re looking for a healthier disposable diaper and wipes option, take a look at Parasol Co. Sign your friend up for a monthly subscription to diapers that are soft, eco-friendly and come in lots of fun designs!

Nursing Essentials

When it comes to nursing pillows, we’ve collectively tried them all. That’s why we created our own nursing pillow, the all organic Niche Nursing Pillow! It’s soft, stylish, versatile, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly and, most importantly, incredibly comfortable and supportive for both mom and baby! Wanna learn more? We wrote a blog about it. While you’re at it, take a look at the tried and tested Bebe au Lait nursing cover. We think it’s one of the easiest nursing covers on the market. With a ring around the neck, it keeps the cover away from lying on baby’s head and gives mom an easy way to peek in on baby while nursing. It’s also very breathable and lightweight, so even in the summer months, baby and mom will stay nice and cool while nursing on the go.

Bathtime Essentials

Hands down, the best is the Puj bathtub. It’s soft, fits into most sinks, making those first newborn and infant baths much easier on new parents. It unfolds and hangs flat for easy tucked away storage. And for less than $50, it won’t break the bank! Why not give your friend a bathtime basket complete with a towel, lotions, shampoos and diaper rash creams! Check out some of our favorites like Babyganics and California Baby.

Baby Blanket or Lovey

While we don’t recommend putting anything in the crib with your baby, there’s nothing sweeter than a lovey or baby blanket from a loved one for your baby. We’ve all watched as our babies have fallen in love with a small blanket/lovey and the joy and comfort it brings them as they grow up. We personally love everything from Apple Park, their entire line is organic and so snuggly.  

Subscription Services

There are so many automated subscription services these days. From diapers to clothes to toys and activities. If you’re loved one is having a little girl, check out one of our favorites, Little Poppy Co. For $12/month, your new mama will get a subscription of three bows every month for their little girl.

Linens Galore

One thing each of us can agree on is you can never have too many swaddles. Aden + Anais muslin swaddles are some of our favorites. They’re soft, made from cotton or bamboo and come in an array of beautiful designs! As baby grows, they’ll transition out of the swaddle and into sleep sacks. Aden + Anais also sell some of the best, most comfortable sleep sacks that not only come in a variety of designs but also in various thicknesses perfect for moms in all different climates.


Finally, our favorite baby shower gift is none other than our very own LilyPad playmat. Each of us here have given the LilyPad to a friend as a gift at least once and we get the same feedback from our friends every single time: I never knew how much I would use a playmat, but we use it all the time! From tummy time to the park to the pool to the beach to a bed for our furry friends, it’s well worth the $120.