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Nook Organic Non Toxic Pebble Pillow Jr

Pebble Focus: Nook Pebble Pillow Jr.

Here at Nook, we’re always checking out what’s being offered in the kid space in an effort to provide a solution to what’s missing that we know our customers need. We’ve listened to our customers and know that most Nook families are looking to incorporate the Pebble throughout their home as their children grow. As moms ourselves, we share our customers’ love of the Pebble and also wanted to see it grow with our children – something that became clear when two of our own Nook babes were making the transition to toddlerhood.  We quickly learned that the offerings in the toddler pillow arena were lacking.  Every little one deserves a safe and comfortable place to rest their heads. Every Mom and Dad deserves to rest easy knowing their child is safe and comfortable night after night. That’s why we stepped in and created The Pebble Pillow Jr.—the ideal transitional pillow for your little ones (and ours). It’s a perfectly sized (not too big, not too small) pillow that offers what’s expected in every Nook product: Top notch healthy, organic and non-toxic materials for safety and comfort, ease of care and a stylish look for today’s home.

Nook Organic Pebble Pillow Jr Anatomy

Materials Matter

Luckily, our team didn’t have to start from scratch when developing an all-organic toddler pillow. With the introduction of our award-winning organic Niche Feeding Pillow a few years back, we successfully developed a feeding/nursing pillow that was organic inside and out. Lightweight, supportive and breathable, it was everything one would want in a pillow. Using or even holding a Niche makes you want to plop your head down and snuggle with it. We knew this was what the market so desperately needed – an organic, healthy kid’s pillow. Upholding our goals for creating sustainable products, we were able to use the same structure and components of the Niche and created the Pebble Pillow Jr. The cover, of course is made of Nook’s patented Organic Pebble fabric (organic cotton and eucalyptus). And the Kapok core from the Niche offers the perfect support with a conforming structure, all while being extremely breathable and lightweight. Paired with the Pebble Fabric, it was a match made in heaven! As we like to say, “Keep the Pebble consistent,” the organic Pebble Pillow Jr. is fantastic for those making the transition from a Nook Pebble crib mattress to a Pebble Twin or Pebble Full.


Like all Nook products, we wanted this pillow to have an extended lifespan. In other words, we wanted it to be perfect for the 18-month old toddler still in his crib and ideal for an older child too. So many pillows on the market fit the bill for one or the other, but not both. When building the Pebble Pillow Jr., we knew we had to strike a fine balance between size (length by width) and thickness (incline). After many rounds of prototypes, we channeled our inner Goldilocks and found the pitch that was “Juuuuust right!”—a pillow that would provide comfort for both toddlers as well as older kids. No longer just a toddler pillow, the Pebble Pillow Jr. is a transitional pillow that can start in the crib and grow with a child until he or she enters double digits. Parents purchasing a Nook Pebble Twin or Pebble Full no longer need to search for a safe pillow on a different site. The Pebble Pillow Jr. is now just one click away. Two birds; one website!

Easy to Use

Let’s just say it—kids can be gross, through no fault of their own. Drool, snot, eye booggies are all regular occurrences in the sleep space. And for some kids, they like to take their special pillow wherever they go. There’s nothing wrong with the comfort of a familiar Pebble on the go. For these reasons, we knew the Pebble Pillow Jr.  had to be able to hold up to travel and be easy to clean. The Pebble Pillow Jr. cover simply zips off and is machine washable. And for an added bonus; no pillow case is required!

Made in the USA

Nook is extremely proud to share that all of our products are made in North America and we stand behind this mission. As a small (yet mighty) company, it is important to Nook that we support our country’s economy and workforce. This allows our team to be extremely hands on in the production and packaging of our products. We want to know with all certainty that we are providing the best to our Nook families.

And so Nook’s journey to once again bring our organic Pebble goodness to families came to be, and this time in the form of the ideal transitional organic pillow – The Pebble Pillow Jr.! This is one of those sleep space champions that kids love and parents are so glad came along!

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