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Pebble Talk: Hilary Colia of Baby by Design

In honor of Mother’s Day, we recently sat down with Hilary Colia, a Nook-loving mama and owner of one of our retail locations, Baby by Design, in Dallas/Fort Worth, to chat about all things mom and dive a little deeper into how Nook products have impacted her family! Take a look!

Nook: First things first, how many kids do you have and what are their ages?

Hilary: We have one little boy, his name is Watson and he is 21 months old.

Nook: We all have our own range of emotions when we found out we were going to become a mother. What excited you and what were your some of your biggest concerns in becoming a mother?

Hilary: I love my husband so so much. The thought of the two of us coming together to create another human being was mind blowing and so incredibly awesome! I was thrilled at the prospect of being someone’s mother, but also totally freaked out that all the choices we made were going to shape this person for the rest of his life. 

Nook: How did becoming a mother change you?

Hilary: My heart lives outside my body now. I never knew it was possible to love another human being in this way. For the longest time, I felt like Watson and I were one person even after he was born. The older he gets, the more we start to separate but the day I gave birth to him I felt a part of me leave my body and I know it lives in him. It’s the coolest feeling I’ve ever had. Oh, I also cry more while scrolling through my Instagram feed now!

Nook: As a store owner in the baby space, I’m sure you’ve seen every crib mattress on the market. What made you decide to buy a Nook crib mattress?

Hilary: The obvious answer is the superior components, quality, and construction of every product Nook makes. The less obvious but equally important answer is that I met and fell in love with the Nook girls and knew that I wanted to be a part of their magic! 

Nook: How has your baby(s) sleep been changed by sleeping on a Nook crib mattress?

Hilary: Watson has really struggled with sleep. He didn’t sleep through the night until he was nine months old. Unfortunately we still struggle with consistent sleep even at 21 months. That being said, every night when I lay him down in his crib I feel so assured that he is sleeping on a safe and comfortable mattress. I know that I couldn’t do any better for him than Nook.

Nook: Looking back, what advice would you give to yourself before becoming a mama?

Hilary: Never say never. I used to say “I will never do that when I have kids.” Hahahahahahaha! I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to make it work.

Nook: What have been some of your favorite mommy moments?

Hilary: When Watson learned how to give me a kiss when I asked for one my heart exploded. He is a total cuddler, so every minute we have spent cuddling together is my favorite. I loved nursing. I miss it every day. I nursed for 14 months, and was heartbroken when he weened himself. I miss those special moments when we were together in the nursery. Ugh, sigh!

Nook: Do you have any other Nook products?

Hilary: Pretty much anything Nook makes, we own. My husband and I sleep on the pillows.  I used the Niche to nurse.  Watson was a total shop baby for the first year and spent a lot of time on the LilyPad.  I’ve changed a zillion diapers on the Pebble ChangePad. Next on my list is definitely the Lounger!

Nook: Being a mama and an owner of Baby by Design, how do you help your customers/new mamas on designing their nursery? Where do you start?

Hilary: I believe that your child’s nursery should be a natural extension of your personal design aesthetic. No need to force something that doesn’t come naturally to you. You will spend so much time in the nursery, so it should be a place that you absolutely love! I think a lot of pregnant women struggle with indecision. There are so many choices and things they need to decide on, they can feel paralyzed some times. I tell people to pick an anchor for the room. Make one decision and all the others will come more easily. It can be as simple as a crib sheet or piece of art and then work their way out from there.

Nook: How do you balance work and mommyhood?

Hilary: Balance schmalance! I am trying to accept that some days I am going to be a great wife, a great mom, and a great business owner and some days I won’t be good at any of them. I will just have to take one day at a time and do the best I can.