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The New Nook Sleep Systems Website

As I sat in a weekly team meeting, I looked around at my staff (all sitting in their Pebble Loungers) and the past 6 years flashed through my mind. In such a short amount of time, this company that had quickly become “my baby” has grown and evolved into something truly special.  We are a team of women. Women who are passionate about motherhood, committed to quality and safety, inspired by style and design and unified in our efforts to make life easier for other parents in both our personal lives and greater community. I was a "proud mommy” to say the least.

Nook Sleep Systems has always strived to create a happier, healthier home for baby and the entire family. We deliver the world’s most thoughtfully designed newborn-infant-toddler mattresses and bedding systems. We value safety above all, and maintain an eco-friendly focus while promoting the purest environment inside the crib space. Within the baby industry, we are proud to set the standard in stylish aesthetics for products ideal for today’s home. We have redefined the space where your child spends critical growing hours. This is Nook in a nutshell. This is our story and our mission, and it was time our website told this story…and in a beautiful way!

A place to learn, browse, shop and become inspired

They say that a website is the face of an organization. What we had was dark, dated, slow and NOT mobile-friendly.  In no way did it tell our story or represent our brand. This led me to ask myself, “How can we create a place where our customers can easily learn, browse and shop our products, become inspired and get excited about design and tap into the Nook Community.” If we build that, they will come. 



Now to the hard part… and I’m going to shoot straight from the hip here. I am the President of a baby goods company. I know crib mattresses, feeding pillows and play mats. I am not an html coder. I didn’t know the first thing about wireframes and didn’t have a clue what a hero image was. Still, I dove right in. Our original website was developed FOR us. This site would be developed BY us. It was important that my team and I were involved in every step of the process. This was our story to tell. From the week-long photo shoot where we designed the photography you see on the site, to the content written and found on every page—each image placement, every tab title and navigation choice—came from within our team. 

Bright, beautiful, playful, approachable, easy to use and relatable

As I sat in lengthy meetings with the web design company, I kept telling myself when I see the design, the look, I will know. After a few options, the fourth design was presented and that was IT!

The website team completely understood Nook and were able to nail the design. There was no pebble left unturned in this journey. After half a decade of dark, boring and clunky, my vision came to life. It was bright, beautiful, playful, approachable, easy to use and relatable: everything we believe Nook to be. I couldn’t have been more excited. Of course, we were still months out from launching but the creative juices were flowing. Our new website was finally going to reflect who we were as a company and the story we hoped to tell. 

This is more than a new website

Once our new design was approved and our website was under construction, it got me thinking. This is more than just a new website to improve the user experience, it is a platform for Nook Sleep to have a clear and effective “voice.” With every color or product Nook releases, we ask our biggest fans, our friends in the industry, but mostly importantly ourselves:

  • How will this be used in my home or my friends’ homes?
  • Is it organic, eco-friendly and sustainable?
  • Does it speak to more than just baby?
  • Is this product a cut above what's already in the market?
  • Is this a product that can be used year after year?
  • Are we sticking to our roots by offering quality over quantity?
  • Is it easy to care for and make life easier for mom & dad?
  • What is this product’s story?
  • Does it meet our safety standards?

With so much thought and consideration behind our products and how they speak to our friends and fans of Nook, shouldn’t our website share in that message? This became our mission! 

Finally, it’s here!

Fast forward to April 2016. After months of hard work, endless copy edits, image swaps, page iterations and programming behind the scenes…it is here! What you see today at nooksleep.com is a perfect blend of our voice and our story. We hope you find each page you visit helpful and approachable.  We are proud to introduce relatable, fun and relevant content that educates through the Learn section and allows for visitors to scroll through our Design Inspiration boards to get ideas for their own nurseries and spaces within the home. 

As I sign off, let me take a moment to thank you for stopping by and checking out our new digs. This has been a challenging yet exciting venture for Nook.  At the end of the day, this website and brand revamp was for you and we sure hope you enjoy it! Look around, stay a while and don’t forget to check in! This isn’t just a one-trick pony. There is much more to come at the new and definitely improved www.nooksleep.com.


Jamie Cantalupo