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Nook Sleep Systems Blog Halloween Stories

Trick or Treat! Nook Shares our Favorite Halloween Stories

It’s finally here! No, we aren’t talking about Pumpkin Spice Latte season (although that’s great too). It’s Halloween time and no matter your age or whether or not you’ll be the one handing out candy or taking your kids around the neighborhood, Halloween tends to bring out the goofy kid inside us all. There’s just something about ghosts and goblins, scary stories, haunted houses and the fantasy of it all that we can’t deny. To help us all get into the Halloween spirit, we wanted to share some of our favorite Halloween stories. We hope you enjoy!

Sunflower Sweetness

Some of the best ideas come from witnessing the pure joy that comes out of our children in the most innocent times. My daughter, Ivy, enjoyed trotting around in her Grandma’s sunflower headband every time she would go to her house. I saw an opportunity to create a costume around something she had fun wearing, was completely precious and that she would willingly keep on for extended periods of time. That can be tricky when talking about a kiddo under the age of 2! So Grandma’s favorite flower came to life and she even made the local paper!

- Erica, Sales Manager

Mickey Mouse Club, Anyone?

It was Halloween 1987 and I had just turned 2 in September. My mom bought me a Mickey Mouse costume complete with a plastic face-mask. I was not a big fan of the mask. Actually, I was terrified of it. According to my mom, I broke down in tears and flat out refused to wear anything covering my face. Mom, being quick on her toes, decided to cut out the face of the mask leaving only the ears and bottom jaw. It worked out perfectly and made for an adorable photo and a story that my Dad loves retelling to this day.

- Margaret, Customer Service Coordinator

We Didn’t Sign up for This, Mom.

Halloween 2015 was a first for our babes and we decided to enjoy the Halloween Parade in South Redondo Village together. Oftentimes, I feel like we, as parents, get way more excited and into these first holidays than our babies. Clearly, our zebra (Jamie's daughter Emmelia) and monkey (Katie's son Hudson) were NOT entertained by the costumes or commotion. No matter what we tried, all we got were some serious grumpy faces. A year later and we’ve got two toddlers, a 6-month old and a baby on the way, so we are looking forward to more enthusiasm this trick or treating holiday!

- Katie Gunter, Sales Director

When DIY Costumes Go Right

Trust me when I say that I have tried my fair share of throwing costumes together but none have actually turned out as I envisioned. So two years ago when Chloe, my oldest, and a few friends came to me with the idea of being jellyfish for Halloween, I thought I’d give it another shot. I got together with a few mom friends and pulled out a DIY costume that actually turned out really cool. Chloe and her friends were stopped all along their Trick-or-Treating path and asked about their costumes, so I thought I’d share with you what you need to create this adorable Jellyfish:

  • A white tutu
  • A white leotard
  • White tights
  • Clear “Mary Poppins-style”umbrella
  • Battery powered led lights
  • Ribbon and tulle from a craft store

All items can be purchased from Amazon or Michael’s.

- Jamie Cantalupo, President