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Ultimate Nursery Giveaway Follow Up with Jamie Cantalupo

Last November, I was weeks away from welcoming my second (and last) baby girl into the world. Our house was still in shambles and I was worried her nursery addition wouldn't be ready in time for her imminent arrival. Fortunately, I had already made the big decisions when it came to her nursery—from the décor to the colors to the furniture and accessories—and I couldn't wait to get it all set up for our newest little gal. I get so much inspiration from other moms, both those in the industry and my friends and family, so we put together our Ultimate Nursery Giveaway featuring all of the goodies Stella's nursery would soon house. I'm happy to report that the construction zone that was my house wrapped up just two days before we welcomed our sweet baby Stella! Almost every other mama knows that along with the joy, awe and amazement that newborns bring comes plenty of sleepless nights. Add in returning to work and running a company and finishing up Stella's nursery just kept getting pushed back. Well, it's finally finished and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Following up on my Ultimate Nursery Giveaway, I wanted to sit down and share Stella's nursery with you and how I've used (and loved) all of my favorite products from our giveaway.

 The Inspiration 

I wanted to create a look that was Restoration Hardware Baby meets basically the best of the best in the world of all things baby (in my opinion, of course). Although Stella’s nursery was a smaller space (new construction that we had built), I wanted to make it feel as airy and bright as possible. Her room gets a ton of great light in it, so I definitely wanted to play up the natural light from the windows and French doors. I also wanted to balance that with a feeling of serenity, coziness and warmth, which is what lead me to the colors I chose for her room.

The Finished Product

I ended up going with shades of white and cream with blush and grey accents. Being in the baby space, I've seen almost everything that's out there. The choices I made for Stella's nursery were a combination of what I think is the best as well as my own design aesthetic.

We loved the Monte Joya Rocker so much with our now 23 month old, Emme, that we ordered the EXACT same one one for Stella's room. Its clean design and soft grey color really worked well with the cozy and airy feel I was going for. It's also incredibly comfortable with a wide base and arm rests which made it easy to fit my Niche Nursing Pillow. We all know nursing can be a challenge in the beginning so I wanted to make sure I was setting myself up for the same success I had with Emme. It's also the perfect place to cuddle up and read some books.

We chose Newport Cottages for her crib and changing table/dresser. Any Nook aficionado knows how much we love Newport Cottages. It easy to love their quality and customization. Literally if you can dream it, they can make it. And to top it off, everything is made in the USA, which I love. 

In my opinion, every little girl's nursery needs a touch of femininity, which is why I chose the Oilo Capri bed skirt. The soft baby pink is subtle yet somehow brings the nursery together. I just love how it looks against the taupe crib and Cloud Pebble Pure crib mattress. We love our tried and true 4 Moms Mamaroo although Stella has since outgrown it. What can I say? the girl loves to eat! Lastly, we brought it all together with a beautiful Lorena Canals rug.

Added Touches

What I love about decorating a nursery is the personal touch each one gets. Not included in the giveaway are some of the hand picked pieces of artwork and decorations. Her bunny prints are ones I found off of Etsy from a shop called Coco & James. I was immediately drawn to these prints because of the shop name, knowing that Stella's middle name would be James, after my father who passed away last year, it seemed like it was meant to be, or a little hello from my Dad.

The pom pom mobile, from Bla Bla Kids, was one I had for her big sister Emme's nursery. I loved that I was able to repurpose and reuse the mobile even though Emme and Stella are only 18 months apart. It warms my heart to know that they both looked up at this beautiful mobile. 

Her ruffle linen curtains are from Restoration Hardware as is her unique side table, which is a tree stump that is white washed. I am not joking when I say that it took both my husband and myself to get that heavy table in place. I completed underestimated how heavy it would be, but I love it. It gives her room a natural cozy feeling. It’s funny how we all find ourselves hanging in Stella’s room including my oldest, who’s a teen, it’s just a place where you want to curl up and read a book OR snuggle a sweet baby.