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Nook Blog - Moms Love Organic Niche Nursing Pillow

Why Moms Everywhere Love Our Niche Nursing Pillow

There are plenty of nursing pillow options on the market right now but none compare to our very own Niche Nursing Pillow. Of course, we can go on and on about its benefits—squared off design, 100% organic materials, breathability, etc.—but we figured we’d let other real Niche fans speak for themselves. Whether you’re pregnant, a first-time mom, second (or more) time mom, a grandmother, toddler, teen or husband, you’ll find a way to fall in love with the Niche!

“I can't say enough about all of Nook's incredible products. As new parents, we were adamant about finding products that were both ethically made and new-babe focused. Interestingly enough, of all the preparations for becoming a new mom, breastfeeding intimidated me most. I've had many friends who struggled through it, so I committed to small incremental goals...starting with our hospital stay. After an emergency induction and a long labor, our little one was delivered via emergency c-section. She was born with a knot in her cord and did not have access to the nutrients she needed. She was born hungry and ready to rock! Thanks to the Niche, I was able to immediately nurse in the hospital...c-section and all. Its beautiful design and soft fabric allowed me to cradle my daughter without impacting my surgical site. As I continued to recover, the Niche was right there for us. For three months, I have been able to nurse our daughter. Despite two rounds of mastitis and severe food allergies for her, we've made it to goal 3! The niche pillow is a large part of this achievement. Yes - a simple pillow really CAN make all the difference!" - Parker Wilson, mom of 3 month old

I love the Niche! I didn't nurse my first for long & knew a better nursing pillow would make a huge difference with baby #2... I was right! My favorite part is the shape & size, it's so comfortable! Bonus that the materials are safe. I took @carmenthemodernmom recommendation & so glad I did! - @ylabrittany

“I love my niche! I love that I can rest easy knowing my family is safe and sound as they suckle, snooze and snuggle on some of the gentlest fabrics on the planet. I love that I can be a bit more hands free while breastfeeding so that I can reach that glass of water or snack on the bedside table. I love that I can quickly spin it around to use as a side-sleeping pillow after baby’s midnight feeds. I love that I can turn it upside down to use on the couch for additional low back support. I love that I used it between my knees and under my belly for more restful sleep during my second pregnancy. I love it so much that I bought one for my clinic so that new parents can experience the same ease and comfort in breastfeeding during regular doctor visits. As many new mothers learn, breastfeeding is not always simple or straightforward; sometimes it is a downright struggle. Having the niche for the setup takes one thing off the list, leaving more time and attention for that oh-so-special bonding between the mom and babe. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.” - Dr. Sterling Maximo (Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist and mom of 2)

My #NicheNursing story: While pregnant with my baby girl, @carmenthemodernmom recommended the Nook Niche for nursing on a Q&A post. I quickly searched and was sold on it; mostly because I had been a nanny for 3+ years and having used other brands really helped me know what I needed. I took my Nook Niche to the hospital and have been using it since {10 months and counting}! Not only was the Niche perfect for feeding my tiny baby, it was a godsend for my recovery after an emergency c-section. I absolutely love how plush the Niche is because I don't have the need to stuff other things underneath in order to get my baby to my breast level, safe to say that my back totally thanks me for it. I've used the Niche with my baby for feeding, tummy time, help develop balance while sitting, and even keeping her sleeping when I finish breastfeeding her. This pillow is so much more that just for nursing, it is a must have in my book. Trust me, you won't regret it. - @isabelcvb

“I simply MUST tell you how absolutely WONDERFUL your Niche feeding pillow is! Apart from the fact of organic materials, etc, the DESIGN and comfort are outstanding! This is the first feeding pillow where I didn't have to add another pillow, blanket or anything at all to place the baby high enough and make it comfortable for me. Thank you.” - Olya Hill, Living Notes (Mom of 6)

One of the best purchase I did!! I used for 15 months and it was so comfortable. It's something worth buying and I'd do again in a heartbeat. This nursing pillow made the whole breastfeeding a better experience. - @blogmeandthecity

I have been using this product since November 2015, and in so many different ways. My first son was born 3 months premature and this pillow was godsend while spending days and nights in NICU next to my baby's incubator. Skin to skin, also known as kangaroo care, moments were that much more special because my body was comfortable while holding my baby for hours. Once he was strong and big enough, we used the pillow during bottle feeds and once we were finally home, for breastfeeding. As my baby got stronger and bigger, the pillow helped with his motor skills development, play time, and sometimes I must confess, as my very own pillow. I had a second baby boy soon after and to this day continue using this intelligently designed and functional product. - Sladja Dobrić Borovčanin (Interior Designer and mom of 2)

I ordered the Niche as a present for myself for my second baby girl born June 20, 2017! I got it in "Cloud" (white) and love the fabric because it is so soft!With my first, I never used any breastfeeding pillow because I couldn't find one which was made with all organic materials and was reasonably priced. The Niche is both! The kapok filling is really plush too. I not only use it for feeding but also for tummy time for my wee one, letting baby rest on the pillow, and I even caught my husband lounging on it the other night. I cant believe I went a whole 2 years breastfeeding without this pillow! #NicheNursing #nookniche - @dana.cross