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Dear Moms and Dads,

We know how hard it is to find healthy and safe baby products today. When we became parents, we went in search of them, too.

At Nook, we wanted to source the most natural and premium materials we could find, while developing products that were safe, functional, and beautiful. This journey started with our Pebble Fabric.

Just as a family is the heart of a home, our Pebble fabric is truly the heart of our line. We’ve developed and designed it with your baby’s safety in mind, using the most natural and breathable materials we could find.

Health and safety are our top priorities here at Nook. But don’t just take our word for it.

Let us give you a little tour.


Jamie & family

Making the Fabric

We source organic cotton and eucalyptus and blend them together to create the softest, healthiest yarn.

The fibers are then infused with all-natural zinc to resist microbes, mites, fungi and mold.

Next, using a slow, water-based dye process to create rich, beautiful colors without toxins, we tint the yarn before placing it on the loom.

Then we weave the fabric together to create a luxurious base for the next (and most important) step: the pebble design.

The special sewing technique we use creates the loft for each raised pebble. We then fill the pebbles with organic cotton to create the supremely breathable pebble design. Air flows around the raised pebbles to keep oxygen circulating, and the fabric remains air-permeable so it stays safe even when your sleeping baby flips onto his belly.

This creates the healthy, safe, beautiful Pebble fabric that we use throughout most of our products.

But we don’t stop there – because we’re parents, and we know life can get messy.

Before the Pebble fabric is ready to be cut and sewn, we immerse it in a non-toxic NanoSphere® bath to make it liquid- and stain-resistant.

Only then is our patented Pebble fabric ready to be made into your next Mattress Wrap, LilyPad, ChangePad, Lounger, Pillow or Niche!

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