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A sleep environment rich in oxygen helps your baby sleep better while benefitting cognitive and physical development.

All Nook products are supremely breathable. Our mattresses are so breathable, in fact, your baby can breathe right through them.

Want to see for yourself? Hold a hairdryer up to a Nook mattress. You’ll feel the warm air coming out the other side.

On his back or on his belly, your baby will breathe freely on his Nook mattress.

How Nook Does Breathability

To maximize ventilation and unparalleled airflow over and through each Nook product, we combine an exclusive fabric weave with thoughtful structural design.

Nook's proprietary Pebble textured fabric promotes oxygen flow to help your baby breathe better and you breathe easier. Soaked in a NanoSphere® bath to make it water-resistant, the Pebble fabric remains air-permeable to ensure your sleeping baby is surrounded by fresh, oxygenated air.

To keep the air around your baby pure and clean, Nook products are made from earth-grown, organic materials whenever possible. We even added healthful zinc to combat allergens that may sneak into the nursery.

Hunger and hugs aren't the only things that wake your baby at night. She can also be awakened by getting too hot or cold during the night. Nook mattresses are designed to keep breathable materials close to your baby's skin so her body temperature will remain more constant, eliminating the danger of overheating. Other crib mattresses are wrapped with impermeable plastic or synthetic covers, which block airflow—but Nook mattresses keep air flowing around your baby all night long.

Safe and Healthy

Safe and Healthy

Whatever your little one's skin touches, you want it to be as safe and pure as possible—and you want the air they breathe to be as pure and clean as possible, too.

With Nook products, natural and organic material is right where it matters most—next to your baby's delicate skin.

We offer non-toxic, safe and healthy options for everything from product to packaging. Even the manufacturing process is non-toxic. Our materials are naturally microbe-resistant and hypoallergenic to be gentle on the most sensitive skin and to keep the air in your baby's nursery as pure as possible.

How Nook Does Healthy

Synthetic materials, chemical sprays and nasty microbes have no place in a baby's room. Or your home, for that matter.

  • The natural fire-retardants and microbe-resistant fibers used throughout our products will protect and comfort your child without compromising their health.
  • You’ll find certified organic wool in our Pebble Pure Crib Mattress as a natural, chemical-free fire-retardant.
  • Organic coconut coir makes the Pebble Pure Crib Mattress naturally breathable.
  • Non-toxic, non-leaching materials including Oeko-Tex®-safety-certified PETE, CertiPUR®-US foam and all-natural latex promote clean airflow throughout Nook mattresses.

Each hand-selected element helps you and your family have a safer night’s sleep.

Nook's definition of organic is from the earth. When organic isn't an option, we use the healthiest, safest, most natural man-made materials possible—and we always keep sustainability in mind.



From naturally wicking fabrics that help your baby stay dry and maintain a consistent body temperature, to thoughtful designs that cradle and support, comfort comes first in every Nook product.

You don't need science to tell you that babies sleep longer when they are comfortable. Without metal innersprings and rigid plastic liners, Nook mattresses are soft and plush for your baby's comfort, yet still firm and supportive to keep her safe. Because good sleep is priceless for baby and you.

We might be best known for our mattresses, but every Nook product is thoughtfully designed for comfort as well as beauty and health.

How Nook Does Comfort

You know your baby is safest on a firm mattress. But "firm" doesn't have to mean "uncomfortable." Nook crib mattresses are firm for optimum safety and development—but the organic cotton and eucalyptus Pebble Wrap that surrounds each mattress is luxuriously soft for a cozy sleep space. The mattress core and cover work together to create a gentle, breathable space to lay your baby down to sleep. You can rest assured that your baby is both safe and comfortable on a Nook crib mattress.

We use this soft Pebble fabric on many of our products for this very reason: Comfort leads to better sleep and happier families. The raised pebble design on the surface of the fabric creates a supple cushion and facilitates airflow to keep your baby and you cool and cozy. From crib mattresses to adult pillows, we've cut no corners when it comes to creating the most comfortable products.

What does this mean for your family? No more 2 a.m. wake-up calls from an uncomfortable baby. No more shopping for softer sheets to cover a scratchy, non-breathable mattress. Just comfortable, sound sleep.



Dreaming up your perfect nursery design was one of the first things you did when you found out you were expecting, right? We understand—we did the same thing.

With the peace of mind that your baby will be sleeping in the safest space possible, it is now time to focus on the fun part: design. With 11 beautiful, vibrant color options to choose from, the sky is the limit. Whether your design sense is modern, traditional, simplistic, whimsical, shabby chic or minimalist, we have the right Nook look for you.

How Nook Does Color

Nook mattresses are so pure and water resistant, they don't require sheets or mattress pads. So we've designed them to be beautiful all on their own. Whatever design you have in mind for your nursery, we have a color to match. 

If you want to buy sheets, however, be our guest. We have beautiful, colorful designs to choose from. The nature-inspired, asymmetrical patterns you'll find on all Nook products are not just beautiful to look at. They also benefit your child's cognitive development. The low-impact dyes we use are safe, non-toxic and vibrant.If you don’t see your Nook product in a color you want, don’t worry! With 11 beautiful colors to choose from, we can customize your order to fit your home’s unique décor.

Long-Term Value

Long-term Value

All parents want the best for their kids—and all parents define “the best” in their own way.

Nook is proud to offer value and quality throughout our product line. We believe there's a Pebble product for every Nook fan.

We also believe that whatever you buy from us should work hard for you, and grow with your family.

How Nook Does Value

A crib mattress is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your baby. It's an investment that shouldn't be taken lightly. We have multiple crib mattresses to choose from, depending on your budget and your lifestyle.

Every Nook mattress is crib-ready. This all-in-one sleep system eliminates the need for a mattress pad, and fitted sheets are entirely optional. So no matter which mattress you choose, you’ll save money. Our crib mattresses are dual-sided, too, so when your baby becomes a toddler, you can flip the mattress over and keep on using it.

We have designed every single Nook product—not just our mattresses—to be multifunctional and usable well beyond your baby’s infant years. All of our products are made from the highest-quality materials and are built to last.

Follow the hashtag #NOOKLOOK to find out how other parents are using their Nook products again and again.

​Made in North America

Made in North America

We believe in supporting the U.S. economy, encouraging good grazing practices and sustaining the land for future generations. At Nook Sleep Systems, this means that all our products are made in North America, and many are made in the USA.

How Nook Does Local

We source as many local and organic materials as possible.

The certified organic wool fire-barrier used in our Pebble Pure mattress comes from family-owned farms in Northern California and Oregon.

Much of the organic cotton that makes our products so soft and durable comes from deep in the heart of Texas.

The certified CertiPUR-US foam we use in some of our mattresses is stringently tested right here in the U.S. to ensure the safest night’s sleep.



Nook is proud to hold the following certifications:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Texas Department of Agriculture
  • Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO)
  • Oeko-Tex Class 1
  • Bluesign Eco Institute
  • Forest Stewardship Council