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Suffocation is the leading cause of death among children under 1 year old. Ensuring your baby's immediate crib space is empty is the first step in preventing SIDS. Standard waterproof mattresses are wrapped with an impermeable layer that prevents airflow and increases the risk of suffocation.

Nook's groundbreaking pebble design combined with our fully breathable mattress cores keeps air flowing IN and AROUND your baby. Our Pebble wraps are moisture-wicking, so we don't use any waterproof covers, allowing your baby to breathe right through it. 

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Breathable all the way through. Nook mattress cores allow air and heat to flow all the way through them, and they're NOT wrapped in plastic like so many other crib mattresses are. With a Nook mattress, fresh, cooler air is circulated around your baby, keeping her body temperature steadier and allowing her to breathe clean air.

The Pebble mattress cover has a raised pattern that facilitates airflow over the surface of the mattress. It's breathable to allow airflow through the mattress core and around your baby, too. This helps dissipate heat buildup under your baby, keeping her cooler and more comfortable as she sleeps

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Moisture-wicking. Our mattress covers are made from eucalyptus, which is not only so much softer than cotton, but does a much better job of wicking away moisture. The eucalyptus fabric has been nano-treated to make it liquid-resistant but still air permeable. This means moisture won't get trapped against your baby's skin, and the air he breathes will be continually refreshed.

Free of microbes and allergens. To eliminate elements that might irritate your baby's airways and skin, we infused the Pebble mattress cover with natural zinc to keep microbes and allergens at bay.

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"We absolutely love our Nook mattress!"

"Both of our children have slept on it from about 5 months on and they sleep so peacefully. Since they both like to roll to their tummies in the night, I love the contours of the Pebble cover and the breathability of the mattress. I never have to worry about airflow. They are comfy and seem to sleep at just the right temperature. And being someone who strives to keep toxins out of our home, I love the natural materials used to build this mattress. I can't recommend it highly enough."

- Brittany (mother of 2)

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You can help prevent SIDS.

A portion of ever Nook purchase goes towards SIDS prevention research. Because protecting your baby and all babies against the leading known causes of SIDS is our top priority.