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Nook in Action

Watch our demonstration video to see how Nook products create a drier, healthier and safer sleep environment for your baby.

Video Transcript:

Presenting the world’s most considered infant mattress and bedding system, featuring the Pebble Mattress, Blanket, Toddler Pillow, Fitted Crib Sheet. Nook creates products that are entirely breathable, non-toxic and designed to promote a longer, more restful night’s sleep. When infants sleep better, everyone enjoys a healthier, happier home.

To create the healthiest sleep space, Nook focuses on four critical factors: breathability, temperature regulation, comfort and quick clean up.


Every piece of the Nook Sleep System works in harmony with the next. Infants breathe easily and are less likely to wake up.

Temperature Regulation

As infants sleep, their body temperatures can fluctuate, causing them to overheat and wake up. Nook uses all-natural Tencel eucalyptus to draw heat away from infant’s skin and into bedding fibers. The temperature in the crib stays consistent so babies sleep longer.


Only all-natural and organic materials come into contact with delicate infant skin. All Nook materials are hypoallergenic and non-toxic to maximize comfort and prevent surface fibers from irritating a sleeping infant.

Clean Up

Patented nano-technology in Pebble mattress fibers keep liquids from absorbing into the mattress cover and eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome crib mattress pads. All-natural zinc-infused fibers create a surface resistant to microbes, mites and odors. Tired parents can clean up quickly and get back to bed sooner.

What are people saying about Nook?

“Too many Nook mattresses spoil the baby. In a good way.” - Cool Mom Picks

“When we first got Nook in our store, we brought the Pebble Mattress home. Our daughter had not slept through the night and from that point on, it was literally sleep through the night every single night, you know, 10-12 hours, which is great for us.” - Kari Barry, Owner & Mom, Little Artika Baby Boutique

“They’re gorgeous and modern, so cozy for Finn. He loves them.” - Tori Spelling, Actress & Nook Fan

“Weego Baby is a design store. We’d never wanted to carry a mattress because we could never find one that fit our style. We’re excited about Nook. Everything they make is breathable, non-toxic and well-designed. The health, safety and performance benefits are the best on the market.” - Asher Richter, Owner, Weego Baby

Through a focus on breathability, non-toxicity and innovation, the Nook Sleep System redefines a safe and healthy crib environment for a healthier, happier home.

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