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Organic Niche Nursing Pillow Wrap

Give your Niche a new look with a 100% organic wrap!

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Wrap Your Niche with a New Flavor!

Love the Niche but are ready for a color change? The Niche Nursing Pillow Wraps are 100% organic, luxuriously soft, breathable and can be changed with a quick zip!  When it’s time for a style makeover, just unzip the Niche Wrap and swap colors. 

Nic Pck 740X600

About the Organic Niche Nursing Pillow Wrap

Love your Niche Nursing Pillow, but need extra covers for backups and style changes? Order more Niche Nursing Pillow Wraps right here and choose from all 11 vibrant colors.

Earth Friendly



1 lb.

Cover Materials

Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton, Zinc, Easy-close Nylon Zipper

Care instructions

Machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent, and tumble dry low.

Niche In Page

Instant Style Update

Whether you're expecting a new baby, using it for your big kid, your Niche Nursing Pillow Wrap is in the wash or you just want to change up your nursery look, it’s great to have extra Niche Nursing Pillow Wraps on hand. Zip off your Niche wrap and slide on a different one for each season or to freshen up your style. 

Organic and Breathable 

You can rest assured that your Niche Wrap still offers the same incredible benefits as before. Using our 100% organic pebble wrap material, the Niche Nursing Pillow Wrap helps create a healthier, more breathable place for nursing, feeding time and cuddle time with your baby.. Nook’s proprietary Pebble fabric includes a patented asymmetrical pebble design and nano-level technology to maximize breathability.

100% Organic and Made in the USA

The Niche Wrap is 100% organic. The eucalyptus and cotton fibers in the fully organic Pebble cover are infused with zinc to provide microbe resistance, no matter how many times you wash it. Every element is carefully selected to be pure, breathable, healthy and safe for your baby.

At Nook, we believe in building a better country for our children, so we support the local economy whenever possible. We proudly make the Niche Nursing Pillow Wraps right here in the USA.

A Colorful Cover That Cleans Up Beautifully

The Niche Nursing Pillow Wraps come in all 11 of our beautiful, vibrant colors to match any style. You can wipe the cover clean or zip it off and throw it in the wash – it’s dipped in a NanoSphere® bath to make it liquid- and stain-resistant for life. And the water-based, organic dye we use to color your Pebble cover will last through a lifetime of washes.

The Pebble design on the zip-off cover ensures airflow over and through the pillow so you and your baby will stay cool and dry.

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