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Fitted Crib Sheet

Organic cotton crib sheets with mix-and-match styles to suit your nursery décor.

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Create a Healthy, Beautiful Crib Environment for Your Baby

If you prefer to use sheets in your baby's crib, Nook's colorful line of fitted crib sheets are sure to please both you and your baby. These organic cotton sheets preserve airflow through the fabric and enhance the oxygen around your sleeping baby.

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About the Fitted Crib Sheet

Nook's organic 300-thread count crib sheets are rich in color, luxuriously soft to the touch and completely breathable. Mom and Dad should not be the only ones at home with high-end bedding. Baby deserves nothing but the best. Nook's Fitted Crib Sheets offer a beautiful alternative to standard infant bedding. The organic cotton material is infused with oxygen, and our water-based dyes create a vibrant design to match your nursery décor.

Earth Friendly



.5 lbs.


Organic Cotton

Care instructions

Machine wash alone in cold water with a mild detergent, and tumble dry low.

Content Crib Sheet

Boost Oxygen in the Crib Space

Our oxygenation process eliminates any dirt and residue that may clog natural fiber airways of the organic cotton material. This helps improve air circulation around your sleeping child, boosting the oxygen in the air he breathes.

Mix and Match for Beauty and Health 

The non-toxic, water-based dyes we use to color your Fitted Crib Sheets create a vibrant design to reflect your personal style. Mix and match these 15 styles so your nursery décor suits the season – or your mood. As a parent, your child’s health and development means everything to you. So we designed these sheets with bright, nature-inspired asymmetrical patterns that are actually proven to benefit your child’s cognitive development.

Luxurious Thread Count 

So comfortable and breathable, these 300-thread-count crib sheets are soft to the touch. When you put your baby down to sleep at night, you can rest assured she’s surrounded by the most natural, gentle, yet snug material.

Locally Made

Our children’s futures are in our hands. Nook Fitted Crib Sheets are proudly made in the USA with certified organic cotton.

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