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LilyPad² Playmat

The LilyPad² is your favorite playmat only now bigger and better than ever with room for the entire family!

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Bigger can be Better

Whether you are looking to graduate from your original LilyPad or just need more room for your crew to hang, the LilyPad² playmat has you covered. The extra space allows everyone to stretch out and relax. From a concert in the park to movie night in your family room, the LilyPad² offers a comfy spot for one and all. 

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About the LilyPad² Playmat

Nook’s playmat made for real life has grown!  Now 56” x 56 “in size, the LilyPad² offers more space for even more fun. Like the original LilyPad, this non-toxic versatile playmat has 1” of PETE Air Spacer for cushioned comfort. Fun fact: each mat saves 75 water bottles from a landfill!  The organic Pebble fabric is soft to the touch and is extremely breathable. Even in its larger size, the LilyPad² playmat is still machine washable!

Earth Friendly

56" x 56"


8 lbs. with backpack

Cover Materials

Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton, Zinc

Core Materials


Care Instructions

Fold and snap mat pebble fabric side in. Machine wash alone, on delicate cycle in cold water with a mild detergent. Tumble dry with no heat or line dry. Material

Nook Products Lilypad2 Playmat Family Playing

The More the Merrier

If your need for more space is due to your growing family or just for an additional area to play, the LilyPad² fits the bill. With 21+ feet of surface space, this mat has room to spare. The plush, soft comfort from the PETE Air Spacer provides the perfect padding on top of any hard surface. No roughing it in the great outdoors required.

This mat works for family time and mom and dad time too! Enjoy an adult getaway in comfort and style. From lawn seats at a concert or festival to a romantic picnic on the beach, the LilyPad² is perfect for snuggling up with your special someone.

Nook’s organic Pebble fabric is treated with a NanoSphere® bath for liquid and stain-resistance. No need to worry about wine spills or grass stains. Simply throw the LilyPad² in the washing machine and tumble dry, no heat. It will be bagged and ready for a new adventure in less than 1-hour. 

To learn more about our comfortable, eco-friendly materials, click here.

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Sophisticated comfort for any room in your home

So often décor that is stylish lacks comfort and functionality. Not the LilyPad² Playmat! In lieu of a basic rug or unfortunate looking foam mat, Nook’s LilyPad² makes for a beautiful and luxurious place to play, read or even rest. Being machine washable allows for easy care and the “fold-fold, snap-snap” design with handles makes it a breeze to move anywhere in the home. 

Easy to Transport

Living life on the go? Take your LilyPad² Playmat wherever life takes you. Simply “fold-fold, snap-snap” and roll your mat to place it in the sleek backpack. The adjustable, double padded straps allow for comfortable transport while the side pockets are a great place to store keys, phones and other outdoor essentials. The rope tie closure keeps everything in place and guards your LilyPad² from the elements. Store in-doors.

*Nook Travel Backpack comes with purchase. 

What color will you choose?

The LilyPad² Playmat is available in 6 beautiful, vibrant colors to match any lifestyle. The water-based dyes we use to color your mat are safe and gentle, and will last through a lifetime of washes.

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