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There’s a myriad of ‘organic’ baby products out there and it was difficult for us to sift through the misinformation initially. When we had our first we wanted to find the best mattress for our baby and that’s what led us to Nook. After doing some more digging it became pretty apparent that their products aren’t just a decent quality product with an organic label slapped on. It’s really amazing to see what great lengths they go to to truly provide a safe and comfortable quality product. My baby’s now going on 3 and she’s slept through the night from the time she was 2 weeks old. Thanks Nook!

Trey L. Houston, TX

The Nook blanket is one of our favorite blankets we received for my daughter. It is the perfect weight for evening walks by the beach. I can see my daughter using this blanket for many years to come - the quality is excellent, the size is perfect for her to grow in to and I love the fun, bright pink color!

Lori & Baby Spencer, 6 months old

I was hesitant to get this since it is so expensive for a play mat, but now my only regret is that I didn't purchase it sooner! I had been looking for a cushioned play mat for my 3 month old, but I wanted to avoid the popular rubber tiles after reading how toxic they can be. The LilyPad is made out of natural organic materials and is so comfortable! As soon as I put my son on it he started kicking and wiggling--he is so much happier and more active on it than he was on a blanket on the floor. It is perfect for tummy time too. It has the perfect balance of being firm enough to let him push up but still cushioned for when he face plants. It is also great that it doesn't bunch up with he wiggles or pulls in the sides. As he gets older, it would be nice if this were a bit bigger, but it is the perfect size for him now. As an added bonus, it is quite cute looking (doesn't scream "kid") and is the perfect backdrop for baby photos. I couldn't recommend this more! I want to purchase another one to keep in another room!

N.Y. Reader

I absolutely LOVE this playmat for my baby. I have been laying her down on it since she was a few days old. I love that it is organic- and it's so soft and plush. Not an eye-sore like so many other playmats out there. She loves tummy time on it, too. When she is older it will be a great mat for a cozy corner with pillows!

Emily Diapers.com Customer

I love this mat. I wish I hadn't waited so long (3 months) to get it! I feel like it would have been good to have since the beginning so that I was exposing Baby A to less toxins and offgassing. I love the fact that it is non toxic, I love the portability, I love the color, but most of all I love the FEEL! It feels so soft and squishy and is perfect if you have hardwood floors! We use this mat in a few different ways. We use it by itself for tummy time and some general play. It's not quite stimulating enough for the babe by itself, though. I use it for extra padding under his baby play gym (Skip Hop Treetop Friends). It's so soft and comfortable that I have no problem laying on it with him, and cushions my back and knees. I can see continuing to use this in the future for quite a while since it is such a soft place to sit or lay on the floor.

K. Fowler

The Lilypad provides the perfect, soft area for our daughter to play with her toys. I love how the gray color blends in and aesthetically looks nice in our living room.  The Lilypad is easy to wash and folds up nicely to take to the park & beach.

Lori & Baby Spencer, 6 months old

The lilypad is a great portable playmat for everyday use and travel! My little girl started practicing tummy time just after she was 4 weeks old and she loves the soft material and I love that it's all natural. It's for sure coming with us on our summer trips!

Erica & Baby Luca, 2 months old

I recently purchased the Nook Niche pillow to use while breastfeeding my newborn son. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical that this pillow would be any different than the ones I tried with my first son, but was willing to try anything to make breastfeeding as comfortable as possible for me and my newborn son. Much to my delight, the pillow has worked beautifully for us while breastfeeding. Not only is the fabric soft and non-toxic, the pillow itself is firm enough to hold his weight, but soft enough to be comfortable on his head and my lap. I have also used the pillow to help him "sit up" during play time. The sides of the pillow cradle his little body perfectly and provide a great amount of support. Who knew I could be so in love with a pillow? I just wish I would have had one for my first son!

Kelly & Baby Gavin 6 weeks old

I simply MUST tell you how absolutely WONDERFUL your Niche feeding pillow is! Apart from the fact of organic materials, etc, the DESIGN and comfort are outstanding! This is the first feeding pillow where I didn't have to add another pillow, blanket or anything at all to place the baby high enough and make it comfortable for me. Thank you 

Livingnotes Instagram

We bought this mattress after a recommendation from a friend. I have to say that this was a fantastic product! Our daughter had never slept through the night until we put her on the Nook. She occasionally has accidents on the mattress and clean up is so easy! All we have to do is wipe it off with a damp cloth. Great mattress!

Wayfair Customer Boston, MA