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It Started with Our Babies

When we went crib mattress shopping for our first babies in 2008, we knew that organic materials were what we wanted. With SIDS in the forefront of our minds, we were sure we'd have great breathable and organic mattresses to choose from. Boy were we wrong.

Instead we found mattress cores with rigid innersprings and toxic poly-fiber, wrapped in plastic that eliminated what little airflow there was. Nothing we saw was truly breathable.

Of the marketed organic mattresses (which were few and far between), we discovered the "organic" materials were pretty much limited to cotton, which we knew wouldn't wick moisture away from our babies' skin. The most beneficial materials were placed inside plastic-wrapped cores, or they were only found in expensive accessory mattress covers (which of course drove up the cost of the crib mattress).

None of the mattresses came crib-ready or were designed with removable, washable organic covers. And none of the mattresses had any surface texture that allowed for air circulation under our sleeping babies to help keep them dry, cool...and asleep.

There was no color to be found anywhere. Mattresses were available in white or off-white only – like bars of soap.

We knew we could do better.

We Wanted Better for Our Kids – and Yours

We set out to create a crib mattress that we could trust for our own children. We wanted it to be safe, healthy and breathable.

It was important to us that we use truly organic materials wherever possible, and we place these materials where they matter most – next to our babies’ sleeping faces.
We looked closely at every detail – from the sleep surface to the zipper – and tested, analyzed, questioned and refined each element that would go into making our crib mattress as safe, healthy and comfortable as possible. If fabrics weren't available, we created them ourselves. We even took the manufacturing process and packaging materials into consideration.

We also wanted to make sure this mattress continued to be comfortable for our babies as they became toddlers, so we came up with a unique dual-sided design – a firmer side for infants and a softer side for toddlers.

And we added color! Beneficial for our babies' development, and more fun for parents.

The first Nook crib mattress was born out of our love for our children and our obsession with every last detail of the design.

The Crib Mattress That Became So Much More 

Our passion for creating the perfect sleep environment for our babies eventually produced what is now the Pebble Pure Crib Mattress – and it was everything we hoped for. The 100% organic construction, packaging and materials were the safest and healthiest they could be. 

Because the Pebble Pure doesn’t require sheets, we designed the mattress to be beautiful on its own with vibrant, natural, long-lasting colors.

Our kids slept better, the mattresses complimented our nursery décor, and our customers raved about the Pebble Pure.

From there we designed other crib mattresses, sleep products and home products with the same values in mind: health, safety, breathability, quality and beauty. 

Our children continue to use Nook products as they grow, and we continue to find new uses for them too. We love hearing stories from other Nooksters about how they use their products. The LilyPad gets used on the grass at soccer games, and the Niche Feeding Pillow turns out to be a great armrest for knitters. 

Nook isn’t just a company anymore. It’s a community of parents who deeply care about their children’s health, safety and development.

Our Children’s Future Depends on Us

We recognize that the decisions we make as parents and as a company affect our children’s future. As a result of our decision to use as many locally-sourced and organic materials as possible, Nook has also helped the local economy and encouraged more responsible grazing practices.

The Nook Family

Meet the parents (slash designers) who take every detail into consideration when making your Nook product.

Meet the Nook family